Everyday Fabulous

Mentoring program to empower queens to be "Everyday Fabulous" in all walks of life.

We all need a mentor in life at some point. #TheHopePrint Movement was created to promote "Everyday Fabulous". You don't need to be a model , celebrity or make a ridiculous amount of money to be fabulous. Being "Everyday Fabulous" no matter what stage in life you may be at is the key to success . Embracing life and making the best of it is #TheHopePrint to true self satisfaction! Join along in the journey by using the hashtag #TheHopePrint as you live your life being #EverydayFab



Areas of Focus

-Positive Self Esteem-Mental Health -Peer Pressure- Character Development - Modeling 101 Boot Camp

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#EverydayFab   At Your Next Event

This  mentor ship program can be tailored to meet your specific need for all ages

Workshops -Hosting -Guest Speaker- Interactive Curriculum -  After School Program - Event  Panelist - Networking Conference                                            

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Connect  with #EverydayFab

If you would like a  group presentation of the #TheHopePrint to being "EverydayFabulous" please email inquires to InfoEverydayFab@gmail.com