Real Advice on Modeling

SOOOOO you want to model,huh? I guess its safe to say at one point in life it may have crossed your mind or else you probably wouldn't be reading this article. Like Me, I guess you are fascinated with the cameras , make up artist , stylist, flights around the world and all the other fabulous things that are apart of the amazing fashion industry. With so many aspiring models today, here is some real advice

1)This Industry Isn't For The Weak Hearted
If you think modeling will boost your self esteem, think again. Just think about ,if you need someone to validate your β€œpretty” in order for you to feel good about your self , you’ve already given another person,agency,photographer control over how you feel about you. Yeah, I know it's a primal human need to feel wanted but lets not lose yourself in wanting to be accepted. Most of the time during model casting it has nothing to do with you personally. Agencies are looking for a particular look at a particular times and just being straight up, your look may not be what they are looking for at the time. In this line of business you will hear a lot of No’s before you hear a Yes but don't let that discourage you. Remember being a model is business and agencies,photographers and clients don't have time to beat around the bush, they are direct and straight to the point. I like to believe its more cost efficient that way and they are not mean people trying to tear down you self esteem into tiny pieces :) Either way if you are sensitive and cant take constructive criticism you may want to think twice before entering the model industry

2) Pretty Don’t Cut It!
So your whole life everybody has told you ,”You should be a model” The neighbors,the mailman,your 3rd grade teacher, I get it ,you're pretty and so what?! This world is filled with endless beauty. With the help of photoshop and other photo editing apps there are thousands of pretty people on my social media timeline. A pictures can say a thousand words but can they guarantee that you are relaible? If an agency books you, will you show up on time?Are you easy to work with or do you complain the whole time while you’re on set? Can you be trusted? When merchandise is present,will anything come up missing when you are around? Do you take directions well? If a casting director request you to wear your hair in a high bun but you decide to curl your hair because you have a hot date after the photo shoot, expect for your modeling career to be short lived. Your name is all you have in this world and when people hear your name it should be associated with a good reputation.

3)Getting Started
β€œI want to model but I need help getting started.” I hear this a lot from aspiring models. Everybody's path is different but from my experience , what I have come to know is that if an agency wants you they will contact you. Take a couple of digital pics (Full Length,3/4 body, Head Shot and Profile) Bare to minimal make up in your picture is what most agencies want Submit your pictures over to the agencies of your choice. I know some aspiring models submit only to big name modeling agencies but I always suggest submitting to smaller/boutique agencies as well. Before I signed with big named agencies in New York and Miami,I had signed with a smaller local modeling agency. Smaller agencies have more time to develop you as a new model. A good agent will walk you through the industry because remember its a business at the end of the day. The better developed you are as a model, the more money they make off you.Im just keeping it real.

4) Not 5’10 & Slim...It's Okay
Its okay if you are not tall or slim built. There are so many options in the modeling world! Just know if your 5’5 you may not being booking a whole lot of runway gigs but you sure can lock down the commercial market.With the fashion industry becoming more accepting of models that don't fit the traditional look of slim and tall we will begin to see more and more diverse models in the media. The whole push to see more curvy/plus models in magazines and runways has been a game changer in the fashion industry. I must admit it feels good to see more models who look like me in the media. No matter you size,color or unique features…embrace it! "

"Love Yourself...No Matter What"

Well I hope this help some and I wish you the best of luck on your modeling endeavors
One Love,
Hope K